Judaism For Lovers

'Ahavat Yisroal', Love your fellow Jew and 'Ahavat HaTorah', Love of Torah, is the Cornerstone of our work.

At Chabad we aim to care for every Jew, with love and respect, in an inviting & welcoming environment. We share our deep love for Torah and Judaism and believe that every Jewish experience should be enjoyed.


Simply Jewish

"Conservative", "Reform", "Orthodox", "Agnostic"....

We believe labels are for shirts, at Chabad we are simply "Jewish"!

No membership required, No religious background necessary. Simply explore and experience Judaism at your pace and at your level.

Our Organization

As is every Chabad center, we are an independent and self funded organization. Our programs are tailored based on the needs of the local community. We rely on funding that comes from local support and people like you.


Education: Further Jewish education and discovery for adults and kids alike.
Appreciation: Generate pride in our heritage & traditions; foster greater Jewish identity.
Celebration: Assist the community in celebrating the joys of Judaism.