At Chabad we offer a variety of programs for all ages.



Cteen is based on a three part framework. It delivers a comprehensive curriculum of an Educational, Humanitarian, and Social component. No Synagogue membership is required and no prior knowledge is need to join Cteen. Geared towards Jewish teenagers in grades 8-12


Cteen places education at the forefront. Each program starts off with a discussion on a variety of topics pertaining to a teenager’s life and how Judaism would deal with that particular topic. Cteen help build leadership skills, project planning, and management skills, with strong emphasis on personal responsibility. We do our best to create in each teenager a strong Jewish identity and character.
Cteen helps build compassion toward others by giving back to the community through humanitarian projects. This will add a sense of achievement and purpose for your child, creating a positive feeling while strengthening their core values. Volunteering will help develop important life skills, build academix skills, and will enhance their character traits.
On a social level, Cteen builds skills through positive affiliations. Group affiliations are the key to building high self-esteem and shaping the integrity of your child. Cteen participants will enjoy trips, hanging out, Cteen lounge, and Shabbatons throughout the year.
Hebrew School 
Please visit for all detailed information about Hebrew School.
Bar and Bat Mitzvah classes 
At Chabad we offer one on one training for Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Please call our office at 703-864-7055 for all details. 

Family Shabbat

Please join us for an interactive family Shabbat experience. Perfect for parents and children! This program will run on the third Shabbat of the month throughout the year. 

Friday Night Dinners

Please join us for themed Shabbat dinners

Kids in Action

Kids in action is a program where kids learn about Judaism while helping the commmunity. This is done through crafts, baking and more! Details TBA

Camp Gan Israel